Downed Plane Fiasco

On Thursday, a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over the Ukraine. Approximately 298 people were on board. It has been determined that a surface to air missile is what brought the plane down, but authorities are still not completely sure who fired the missile. The plane went down near the border of Ukraine and […]


Esurance “Beatrice” Commercial Sparks Debate

Esurance is attempting to bring the slogan “insurance for the modern world” to life in comical ways, but some have found one of the newer commercials to be insulting towards older customers. The commercial starts with an older lady explaining to two of her friends that she is saving a ton of time posting her […]

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Abortion Clinic Protest Buffer Zones Overruled

  The Supreme Court overruled a law instated in Massachusetts that protesters had to stay at least 35 feet away from the entrance to abortion clinics. Eleanor McCullen, a member of an anti-abortion group called “Operation Rescue” challenged the law saying that it violates her First Amendment rights. On Thursday, the Supreme Court agreed with […]


The GITMO Controversy

President Obama is receiving widespread criticism for his decision to negotiate with Taliban terrorists and release five prisoners from the military prison, Guantanamo Bay, in Cuba. The prisoners were released as a deal to have Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl returned to America. The army sergeant was kidnapped and the deal to release him was communicated […]


Martial Law in Thailand

The army declared martial law in Thailand on Tuesday, after six months of political unrest. This move places the army in charge of public security. Although martial law may differ in the way that it is carried out from one country to another, the army usually takes care of all civil or criminal matters as […]

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