New York City’s Idea of an Egg Hunt

Some big names in art and architecture have decided to have some fun with spring’s favorite holiday this year. From April 1-April 17, Faberge is hosting a huge Easter egg hunt throughout the city. To participate, individuals can download the app, “The Big Egg Hunt”, and begin finding “eggs”. There are hundreds of eggs hidden […]


Dr. Oz, the Great and Powerful

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous cardiac surgeon/ television show host is renowned for giving advice which can help to improve health and life in general. Dr. Oz features a theme for each show and recommends supplements, recipes, and lifestyle changes that may help to promote health and well-being. His name has taken on a sort […]

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Westboro Baptist Church Successfully Opposed

This past Sunday, members of Westboro Baptist church gathered to picket outside of Central Junior High School in Moore, Oklahoma. The town was hit by a devastating tornado in May 2013. The tornado caused 24 fatalities, 240 injuries, and damaged or demolished 2400 buildings. Among the buildings that were destroyed was Plaza Towers Elementary School, […]

healthcare-deadline Open Enrollment Ends

The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act ends today. Many Americans are frustrated by the deadline, as the website has been plagued by glitches and malfunctions since it went live back in October. There is still controversy surrounding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but approximately six million Americans have signed up […]


President Obama Addresses Missing Malaysian Plane

In his first public comments about the Malaysian plane that went missing on March 8, President Obama said that every available U.S. resource is being used to search for the missing plane, and that finding the plane is a top priority. President Obama said that the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board will be working […]

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