Mix It Up “Gangnam Style” with Psy on His World Tour as His Personal Chef


A Korean food brand that hardly anyone knows is hitching its star to the most popular guy on YouTube – Psy, whose viral hit “Gangnam Style” brought all things Korea to the world’s attention.

The company goes by the name of CJ, and it’s about to launch an international contest to help Psy find a personal chef.

Don’t know how to cook? No problem!

That’s what the food company is all about: fast, healthy Korean food that’s easy to make because you just have to mix and cook. It’s re-branding a range of its products under the name “Bibigo” and launching a chain of restaurants outside Korea with the same name. There are three of them already in California.

The contest is called “Psygo Bibigo” – and yes, you can visit the website by typing in the contest name straight into your browser. There you’ll be able to enter to win the opportunity to be the personal chef who accompanies Psy on the first month of his world tour in July. You’ll also score yourself $40,000.

Heads-up: to enter the contest, you’ll have to post a video of yourself showing your best Bibigo skills. The contest is all about the (arguably) most famous person in the world today, who earned that rank himself. Each contestant must:

  • Create your own Bibigo (mixing)  skill.
  • Make your Bibigo skill video.
  • Upload your Bibigo skill video to the official Bibigo Facebook site

What’s up with the mixing theme? The activity is a play on words, because the Bibigo name is a combination of the Korean word “bibida,” which means “mix it” and “to go” in English, according to the company’s website.

Get started now! Contest entries will be accepted through May 12th, 2013, and the winner will be announced June 3, 2013.

Mix it Gangnam Style!

Read more by Kawika Maszak here or at his personal blog, “So Sayeth the StickMonkey.”


  1. the name makes me think of “baby, go”

  2. I bet Psy would be so fun to tour with.

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