Disney Gets in Trouble for Turning ‘Brave’ Heroine into a Princess


If you’re not one of the millions of little girls who has watched the Oscar-winning animated Disney film Brave, you may not know that the protagonist is, well, not all that ‘Disneyesque’ in terms of your standard princess-like character.

Yes, Merida is a young princess. However, she refuses to obey stereotypes and rebels against an arranged marriage.

Now that she’s an Oscar winner, Disney decided to add her to their website of princesses – and in the process, gave her a makeover. That didn’t go over to well with her supporters.

After her sexualized new image appeared on the website, a Change.org petition began, which eventually swelled to over 200,000 signatures. It demands that Merida be returned to her, shall we say, un princess-like state.

The unwelcome attention caused Disney to quietly remove Merida’s new sexualized image from its Disney Princess website.

Thus showing the power of petitions, an Academy award, and the need for frumpy princesses.

Read more by Kawika Maszak here or at his personal blog, “So Sayeth the StickMonkey.”


  1. Rebecca Cominski says:

    Those jerks!

  2. viva las frumpy princesses lol

  3. Rachel Thompson says:

    Shame on you, Disney!

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