Top Ten Questions Millennials Ask the Internet


Thanks to search giant Yahoo, we now know what’s on the mind of the average Millennial. The burning questions on this 18-35 age group are telling in that they illustrate a desire to learn about current trends as well as old-world common sense.

Here are the top 10 questions.

  1. What’s a meme?
  2. How do I use Pinterest?
  3. How do I boil an egg?
  4. What is hummus?
  5. What’s twerking all about?
  6. What’s a 401k?
  7. Great Gastby – what’s that?
  8. What’s a hashtag?
  9. What’s a narcissist?
  10. How do you tie a tie?

If you can answer all 10 questions without the assistance of a quick online search, you pretty much have both feet solidly planted in the world before and after the great migration to all things online.

And chances are, you may even have read the book from Question #7. Yes, it’s a novel that was written in 1925 by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Much like a 401k and knowing how to tie a tie, it shows that everything old becomes new again – but with an updated soundtrack including music by Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Andre 3000.

Read more by Kawika Maszak here or at his personal blog, “So Sayeth the StickMonkey.”


  1. kenny meier says:

    haha a meme is what keeps you from having to do any work all day the office!

  2. sharisa says:

    “Whats twerking all about” LMAO

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